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Heat Sink For Opteron/Athlon64 Index

Heat Sink for Athlon64/Opteron CPU. Passive Heat Sink and Fan Heat Sink.
REACH RoHS U81C for Opteron, Athlon64 ----- 1U System
(Socket 754/939/940/1207/F/C32 attachment holes' pitch:88.9mm)

Passive Heat Sink. Suitable for 1U System. Copper Embedded Heat Sink.

Model Name
Heat Sink U81C-25A
Attachment Clip MTGH81S
Thermal Grease YG6260-5
U81C-25C: Installation Guide (X001ZF1V-B.pdf 402KB)
!Most Opteron and Athlon 64, 64FX Socket 940 and 754 Motherboards will come with a compatible metal backing plate, utilizing 6-32 thread metal standoffs. However, if a board did not come with a pre-installed backing plate, or if it came with a backing plate that does not conform to the AMD Thermal Design Guide, (for example all plastic), then the optional Alpha backing is required. (BP81OV)

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