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Socket 5/7/8/370/462 Heat Sink

Active Heat Sink

PAL/PEP series Model CPU / Socket
Copper Embedded
FC-PGA, Athlon,Duron, 1U(PAL153)- Hexagonal pin type.
All Aluminum
Copper Embedded
FC-PGA, Athlon,Duron -------- Wing fin type

Passive Heat Sink

The heat sink performance depends on the ambient temperature around CPU, air speed etc.... You would need to have enough air flow to use these heat sinks. Please check the performance curve. For your information, there are some customers also use our other standard parts as passive solution, such as PEP66.

P & U series Fanless heat sinks For CPU
  BULLET Fanless heat sinks
For Socket 5, 7, 8, 370, 462
Copper Embedded
FC-PGA, Athlon,Duron, 1U RACK -- Based on UBC series
FC-PGA, Athlon,Duron, 1U RACK -- Based on UB series
Based on LS,W series fin design. For Socket 5, 7, 370

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