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Heat Sink For Xeon

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U6489C / PAL6489

Heat Sink for Xeon CPU. Low Profile Passive Heat Sink and Active Fan Heat Sinks.

RoHS U6489C for Xeon

Low Profile Passive Heat Sink. Suitable for 1U System. Copper Embedded Heat Sink.

Model NamePerts List
Heat SinkAttachment ClipThermal Grease
CLP4XYG6260-5*(see note below)
CLP4XYG6260-5*(see note below)
Note: * 1 tube per 5 heat sink for bulk package.
! The U6489C is a passive heatsink. Ducted airflow is required to provide adequate cooling for the Xeon processor.

RoHS PAL6489 for Xeon

Fan Heat Sink. Copper Embedded Heat Sink with dual ball bearing fan.

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Model Name Thermal Resistance (degC/W)
PAL6489-25M60 0.395 BAR for 0.395
PAL6489-35M60 0.345 BAR for 0.345
Test Conditions ; Dummy Heater Size: 27mm sq. / 60W ; FAN : Push
Please click model number for specifications and performance data.
Model Name Perts List
Heat Sink Attachment Clip
Fan Others
(Screw, Washer, Spacer)
Thermal Grease
PAL6489-25C PAL6489-25AIncludedNOT INCLUDEDIncluded NOT INCLUDED
PAL6489-25M60 PAL6489-25AIncludedM60 (60 x 25) IncludedIncluded *
(see note below)
PAL6489-35C PAL6489-35AIncludedNOT INCLUDEDIncluded NOT INCLUDED
PAL6489-35M60 PAL6489-35AIncludedM60 (60 x 25) IncludedIncluded *
(see note below)
(Heat Sink Only)
PDF Format (S001Z502-B.pdf 64KB) / DXF Format ( 64KB)
Note: * 1 tube per 5 heat sink for bulk package.
! PAL6489-25C / PAL6489-35C These are active heatsinks and require the use of a fan.

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