To customers who need PAL8045/PAL8942 mounting screws and accessories:

If you should lose or damage any accessory parts, you can purchase only the mounting hardware accessories as follows:

[Item and Price]

US$0.20Per any mounting accessory item(*see below)

Complete PAL8045/PAL8942 Mounting Hardware Set.

Fan attachment screw sets are not included.

US$3.00Fan attachment screw sets:
(M3x50:Standard or M3x75: For 80x25mm fans with Solid corners.)
(M3x70: For M81 or M3x80:For M82)
*Mounting accessory Item for PAL8045
- Screws
- Spring
- Stand-Off
- Nylon Washer
- Nylon Shoulder Washer
- Nylon Nut

*Mounting accessory Item for PAL8942
- Screws
- Spring
- Stand-Off
- Nylon Washer
- Flange Nuz

[Shipping Charge]
The shipment will be made via postal mail.

US$1.00inside US
US$5.00outside of US

[Ordering and Payment]
There are two option for payment:
- Credit card:
- Prepaid by check:

[Credit card order]
Credit card processing fee(US$2.00) will be charged in addition to the above charges. Please fill in the order sheet and fax it to us. Fax: +1-408-567-8053

[Prepaid by check or money order]
Please make check or money order account payable to Alpha Novatech, Inc. and mail it to us with the order sheet.
Mail To:
Alpha Novatech, Inc.
473 Sapena Ct. #12
Santa Clara, CA 95054

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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