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Push PinsPush pins

push pin and Spring mounted
Push pins are a popular mounting option that offers flexible and reliable attachment.
Several standard push pin sizes are available, while springs generate the appropriate mounting force/pressure. Alpha can design and produce the entire assembly, including the heat sink, push pins, springs, and thermal interface material.

1. Push Pin Specification
Model   PCB Hole
Dia (mm)
A (mm) B (mm) Download Availability /
Price / Order
push-pins diagram

PIP2.5X9 2.500 1.00 9.00




PIP2.5X10 10.00 STEP IGES
PIP2.5X11 11.00 STEP IGES
PIP2.5X12 12.00 STEP IGES
PIP2.5X14 14.00 STEP IGES
PIP2.5X18 18.00 STEP IGES
PIP3.175X7.0[TH] 3.175 0.89 7.00 catalog




PIP3.175X8.5[TH] 8.50 STEP IGES
PIP3.175X9.8[TH] 1.27 9.80 STEP IGES
PIP3.175X11[TH] 11.00 STEP IGES
PIP3.175X11.5 1.55 11.50 STEP IGES
PIP3.175X13.2 13.20 STEP IGES
PIP3.175X14.3 14.30 STEP IGES
PIP3.175X18.8 18.80 STEP IGES
PIP3.175X20.3 20.30 STEP IGES

2. Features
Proven Design

Push pins are a popular mechanical attachment, offering flexibility & reliability at reasonable cost.

Push pin spring photo 1
Flexible Design

Hole location and attachment forces can be customized for each specific application.

Push pin spring photo 2
Simple & Easy

Captive Push pins and springs allow for a simple installation. Easy!

Push pin spring photo 2

Push pin attachment has passed all shock and vibration testing.

Attachment Force

Appropriate attachment force/pressure can be consistently generated through Push pin/spring selection.

High Performance

High performance interface materials including phase change and thermal grease can be used instead of tape or epoxy.

3. Spring Selection

Please visit Spring Selection page.

4. Installation Procedure
Installing 1 Installing 3 Installing 2 Installing 5 Installing 6 Installing 7
5. Removal Procedure

Although push pin attachment is reworkable, we do not recommend using the same pins for multiple installations/removals. The pin ends may become deformed after multiple uses. Additional pins can be ordered as spares.

6. Push pin attached standard heatsinks

Alpha offers the following standard push pin attached heat sinks:

Passive Heatsink Passive HS No attachment

No attachment tab

Passive HS With attachment

With attachment tab

Active Heatsink Active HS No attachment

No attachment tab

Active HS With attachment

With attachment tab

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