Announcement of New EZ clip
Issue Date: 2017/03/09

We have added the EZ clip series to our standard catalog.

The traditional Z-shape clip has been in use for a long time, and continues to work well. However, installation typically requires slight twisting of the heat sink and/or the use of tools to engage the board anchors. If installed on a fragile device, like a bare die, extra care is required to avoid potential damage.

The EZ clip utilizes an additional bend section, allowing the operator to grip the clip and easily install without the need for any tools. Only the clip arm needs to move to engage the board anchors, not the heatsink. Installation and removal is much simpler and greatly reduces the chance of damage to a device. Pricing will be identical to comparable traditional Z-shape clips.

Initially, we will offer 6 standard EZ clips. If necessary, we can also create custom EZ clips to meet with a customer’s board layout requirement.

Existing solder/solderless anchors can be used with the EZ clip. Please visit our online catalog’s Z-shape clip for additional details.

New EZ Clip:

Anchor Pitch
X x Y (mm)
EZR-50x35 50 x 35 PDF
EZR-60x45 60 x 45 PDF
EZR-70x55 70 x 55 PDF
EZL-50x35 50 x 35 PDF
EZL-60x45 60 x 45 PDF
EZL-70x55 70 x 55 PDF

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