Announcement of QSZ Clip Design Request
Issue Date: 2017/04/26

The QSZ clip is an innovative attachment method, taking up a bare minimum of PCB space while offering a very flexible clip design.

We currently offer several standard QSZ clips. However, a custom clip is often required due to board layout issues or attachment force requirements. In response, we have organized the design process, and added an online QSZ clip design page. Customers can now create custom QSZ clips quickly and easily, specifying hole location, target attachment force, etc...

Please enter your data and send your request through our web site. We will review your information and provide feedback ASAP.

Prototype Information:
- Typical cost is ~$300. No NRE/Tooling fee is required.
- Lead time is ~2 weeks.

QSZ Clip Design Request

If you have any question, please contact us.

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