Announcement of New Standard QSZ-Clip Sizes (24, 29 and 34mm square hole pitch)
Issue Date: 4/12/2018
Small Clip picture Anchor pin

Alpha has expanded its wide range of off-the-shelf products to meet customer requirements.

Electronic components have become faster and more compact, generating more heat and increasing thermal densities. This requires using heat sinks of greater size and mass. One of the biggest challenges for thermal/mechanical engineers is mechanically mounting heat sinks while minimizing the amount board real estate used by the attachment hardware. Generating sufficient attachment force is critical with regards to mechanical security and performance of thermal interface materials. Alpha's new QSZ clips have been designed to address both issues, providing secure and reliable attachment while requiring an absolute minimum of board real estate.

To support requirements for more flexible attachment hardware options, Alpha has created additional standard QSZ clip sizes. These QSZ clips mount to our existing Anchor Pins (ANCR-8, 11, 12, 13, 16). Anchor Pins are mounted in 1.80mm diameter holes through the backside of the PCB. Using different Anchor pin lengths, customers will be able to target a desired attachment force. Heat sinks are mechanically attached to the PCB instead of the device’s package. Shock and vibration loads are transferred to the PCB instead of the chip and solder balls.

New clip sizes:

Model name Anchor Pitch
X x Y (mm) Anchor pitch dimensions
QSZ24x24 24 x 24
QSZ29x29 29 x 29
QSZ34x34 34 x 34

Please visit our online catalog - QSZ series for additional details.
Shipments will begin on 4/12/2018.

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